Stock Music Income Reports

Income Report February 2014

Time just seems to fly by and it's already been six months since the last time I made an income report. I have uploaded … [Read More...]

New Stock Music Compositions

Legend Of Mulan – Epic Chinese Music

With this track you get the classic epic trailer sound, but with a Chinese touch. Beautiful Chinese flute, string … [Read More...]

Whats going on at EagleCinematics?

Fall of a Titan – Epic Trailer

Hair raising, epic movie score or trailer track. The track has that epic Hollywood sound and use a beauty full female voice in the mid … [Read More...]

Business Music – Be a Winner

Another take on a corporate track. Perfect for presentations, commercials, advertising and the like. For this track I also used some … [Read More...]

How to keep 100% of the profits when selling royalty free music online

The typical commission when selling royalty free music online is 50%. So half of the money from the sale goes to the library. If you … [Read More...]

Business Skills Are Essential To Becoming A Successful Musician

If you want to become successful in making money from your music you have to run it like a business. The only way to get the income you … [Read More...]

Climb The Mountain – Epic Trailer Music

It's the first track where I have used my new orchestral template in Reaper. When the most important instrument patches was already … [Read More...]

The Business Of Music Licensing – eBook Review

I recently bought Emmett Cookes new eBook called The Business Of Music Licensing I finally had the time to do a review. It’s very well … [Read More...]