Can you make a decent amount of money selling stock music on line? Well that question I have been asking myself and the purpose of is to prove that you can.

By reading this blog you learn about online marketing strategies and can hopefully use some of it to get started or improve your sales and online presence. Even though my focus is on selling stock media the marketing concepts described can easily be used with other product areas as well.

How do you plan on making music tracks that will sell?

When I listen to the quality of the best selling items on stock media sites like and, I think a have a very fair chance of competing.  Especially in the niche of film/ soundtrack music that I will be composing for.

I will try to compose tracks that are not be to specific. This way the music can be used in many different types of productions and therefore have a better chance of being sold.

I have been composing in Reaper using the Complete Composers Collection from East West Quantum Leap for a couple of years. The quality of the samples from East West is high and as a composer I think I have come a along way.

I am therefore convinced that by constantly improving my skill and working hard, I can make it work.

Making money by selling video productions could also be a possibility

I also do a small video productions for fun and have a couple of ideas for videos that might sell. I will be making these videos using Photoshop for the graphics and Aftereffects for the animation.

If it was all about the money I think video productions would be the best bet. I do however have much more fun making music. I the beginning I will therefore focus on composing and selling my music and see how it goes.

I hope you can find some useful stuff here on and be inspired to start selling your own media productions online.

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

Anders Christensen
Musician & Online Entrepreneur