AudioJungle has become a quite popular platform for buying stock music online. There are lots of sales happening, their website is easy to navigate and overall it seems like a very stable platform.

The commission has recently been raised to 45% and is no longer one of the lowest in the industry. They let you set the price yourself. Extended licences sold are less than 10% of sales total.

Before you sign-up do notice that, if your music is listed at AudioJungle, other sites like Musicloops, Audiosparx and Shockwave-sound wont have you in their catalog. They state this on their websites and should be taken serious, it’s not just for show.

Because of the recent changes i will start uploading my music a AudioJungle. If successful in selling tracks on their platform, I might even go exclusive with some of my new tracks.

Many composers are successful at selling their music at AudioJungle, so its definitely worth considering. Now and then it also seems to happen that composers get custom jobs because of their presence on AudioJungle.


AudioJungle Review
  • Help & Support
  • Income potential / ability to sell
  • Ease of Use


Great music library that will be able to give most composers regular sales. The only bad part about AudioJungle is the massive amount of tracks, you have to compete with.

Reviews Submissions: Yes
Re-Titles Tracks: No
Exclusive or Non-exclusive: Both Options
Set Own Price: No
Commission Split: 45% / 12.5 – 37.5%
Tracks Approved In: 15 days