I was with AudioMicro for a short while and sold 1 track. I then found out that MusicLoops, AudioSparx and other music libraries wont list you, if you’re at AudioMicro and therefore closed my account again. I was paid on time for the one sale I had.

They once used some ID tracking on all submitted tracks. This caused problems with copyright, for customers who bought the music and used it at for example YouTube. This past history is why MusicLoops for one wont list you if your music is available at AudioMicro.

I do however think AudioMicro now is a decent service and that they will be able to generate some sales. Their site is professional looking and uploading your music is easy. The low non-exclusive commission of 35% should be considered before signing up.

Reviews Submissions Yes
Re-Titles Tracks Yes
Exclusive or Non-exclusive Both options
Set Own Price No
Commission Split 35% / 65%
Tracks Approved In ?

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