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Beatorchard are now closed. I signed up with Beatorchard five months ago and now just got my first tracks approved. I know nothing about them except for their website which seems professional. Their admin system is a bit strange...

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Zukkio is now redirecting to BeatOrchard and therefore no longer active. Zukkio is a new royalty free music library that has just been launched. It look really professional, but here at the beginning you should not expect a lot...

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Youlicense has been closed and are no longer active It’s very hard to info about YouLicense in blog and forums, so whether it’s a good place to be represented is hard to tell. I have signed up with them, but their...

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Pumpaudio is closed. My music have been approved for PumpAudio, but you have to send your music to them on CD’s. I live in Denmark and sending my music with snail mail to New York seems so old-fashioned.  Spending time and...

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Muziko is closed.Muziko should be able to generate some sales and their mail support is fast and professional, (their mail support is not that great anymore it seems). They have been around since 2010 and are like Musicloops...

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The site is still up, but it seems its just a blog now and not a library anymore.I’ve been with Yookamusic for a while. They should be okay, but I have had 1 sale so far. Their uploading and tagging system is...

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RevoStock was unfortunately sued, and forced to close down. RevoStock is therefore no longer active RevoStock was one of the first music libraries I signed up to and I’m glad I did. It’s easy to upload and tag, sales...

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Welcome to my blog about selling stock music online. If you have any ideas or comments I would love to hear from you 🙂

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