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Creating the house of music

Good news, I have sold my apartment and are now looking at a house. A small house not to far away from the city. To be honest I can’t wait to get out of here. I have already signed the papers, and if everything goes smoothly I...

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Welcome to EagleCinematics

Welcome to my blog about selling stock music online. If you have any ideas or comments I would love to hear from you :-)

Anders | Composer & Online Entrepreneur

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  • Pond5 Review
    EagleCinematics Apr 04, 11:52
    Hi Joonas. It's different for every composer. Some tracks sell well in...
  • Pond5 Review
    EagleCinematics Apr 04, 11:45
    I have wondered that myself. I think you can make bins with...
  • Pond5 Review
    Joonas Mar 05, 00:30
    I wonder if things have gotten really bad with this site or...
  • Pond5 Review
    sam Mar 25, 17:35
    what is bin add and cart add and difference between them ?
  • Productiontrax Review
    Paul B Mar 18, 16:20
    From a filmmaker standpoint: I found the track I wanted and purchased...
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