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I signed up with Beatorchard five months ago and now just got my first tracks approved. I know nothing about them except for their website which seems professional. Their admin system is a bit strange as you cant edit the...

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A well established music library. I have not signed up with them yet as the low price ($2-$5) for personal projects seems like a very low price point to me, even if the music is only used for personal projects.

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I’m not listed at this library as I don’t create loops, but it should be a good library.  Worth considering if you have music that are fitting and easy to make into loops. Reviews Submissions Yes...

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I just signed up with Musicrevolution and so far its a good experience. Their site is clean, the backed are relatively user friendly and is easy to sign-up. Now all there is left is waiting to see if my tracks will get approved...

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300 Monks

I don’t know much about 300 Moonks, but their website and service should be good. Their track pricing seems fair and they should be able to generate some royalty free sales of your music. To get them to review your...

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Beatpick is well know music library where your music can be sold for a number of licensing models. The clients can choose from large number of licenses and figuring out their pricing model can be quite confusing. Before you...

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Neosounds has not been accepting new submission for over a year. The reply you get is that they are migrating to a new concept, but maybe they just have all the composers they need. If you have an awesome portfolio I think you...

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I was with AudioMicro for a short while and sold 1 track. I then found out that MusicLoops, AudioSparx and other music libraries wont list you, if you’re at AudioMicro and therefore closed my account again. I was paid on...

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I don’t have my music at AudioSparx yet, as they prefer a minimum of 20 before taking a look your music. It should however be one of the better places to sell music. If you can get your music listed at AudioSparx, your...

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