After having spent a couple of years, with different jobs and trying to find a good part time job. I finally found what I was looking for. A nice part time job, where I work in the evening and only around 25 hours a week.

Soon I will have the time to focus on my own business and this includes composing new music. The final step is to move into the small house I just bought. I’m so stoked and can’t wait to get keys on November the first!

The Power of Books

A great thing about this new job is that I can listen to audiobooks while working. I have signed up to Bookmate, and have already listened to some great books and started learning new stuff. It’s very cool to learn something new everyday and get paid doing it!

So far my new favorite books are: Aspire by Kevin Hall and The Secret Code of Success by Noah st John.

These books a great for self development in all areas, and using the knowledge they share, can make a big difference when it comes to self discipline. This can be directly applied to running a business and composing music.

I have been writing down goals and deadlines before, when it comes to this whole royalty free music thing. I have however not been good at following through.

When you are a one man army – it can be very hard to stay motivated. Hopefully the books above – and the many more I will listen to, when at work – will help in the quest of self discipline and fulfillment in life.

Actually I listen to all kinds of stuff, not just the self-development stuff. At the moment I’m listening to The Song Exploder Podcast. As a musician Song Exploder one can definitely be recommend. Learning something new everyday, is something I have missed sorely, the last couple of years.

My overall plan is to get back into the stock music game, and start producing new tracks on a regular basis. Oh and this website needs a huge update, working on this right now, as you can see…

Getting the right frame

As mentioned, I have just bought a small house! This will give me the space I need for decent setup for composing music. Right now my music gear is pretty much all over the place, in my small apartment.

The house just needs some paint and new floors. Then I can set-up my studio and off we go with composing royalty free music and selling it online.

And the best of all – In a house I will be able to have a real piano, and play every other instrument, without upsetting the neighbors! This will make a BIG difference in my music production. Just being able to use my Monitors at a decent volume and not using a headset most of the time, is a game changer.

I also plan to make a set-up, so that i can re-boot my YouTube channel. A decent camera, some Philips Hue Led lights and the Piano and I think I’m good to go. This will be my fun time, just jamming, improvising over backing tracks, doing synth stuff etc.

Press Play on Tape

My apartment sold and I can’t wait to get out of here. No one stomping around in the apartment above and no more loud parties in the apartment below. Heck, I might even get a pet 🙂

And don’t forget – Have fun making music!