Good news, I have sold my apartment and are now looking at a house. A small house not to far away from the city. To be honest I can’t wait to get out of here.

I have already signed the papers, and if everything goes smoothly I should have the keys on November the first. I have to do a lot of painting and put in some new floors, but then I should be good to go. The house even has solar power installed.

One of the first things I will get is a Yamaha B2. I have tried a lot of pianos, and have decided that this piano, overall sound the best to me. It will be the first time I have a real piano since I moved away from home (18 years ago), so I’m very excited about this.

Having the option to play my flutes, synths, guitar, piano and signing, without driving my neighbors crazy will be awesome. This alone would for me, be reason enough to buy a house, but there are so many other great things:

  • Room for a small home studio
  • A garden and a greenhouse
  • A room for my son
  • Not having to cook in the same room as my bed.
  • No more neighbors partying all the time.
  • No cigarette smoke getting into my apartment from downstairs.
  • Not being woken in the middle of the night because my upstairs neighbor decides to skype (which actually happens regularly)
  • I can get a few extra hours of work a week if needed – close by at a friends company.
  • And I can get a cat – weeee.

The downside is that will have longer transportation for work, but I will probably just get a new bike and ride the 16 km to work everyday.

Creating a small home studio

No need to say, I will also be making a small studio. No more spaghetty mess of wires in my living room, having everything ready to go and decent sound proofing, it will be sweet.

This space will also setup for Youtube. I’m planning on spending much more time on my YouTube channel. Actually the channel has been dead for years, but my new plan is making a new video every week.

The channel will be about composing music, making beats, jamming sessions, how to get started, selling music online, short movies, selfimprovement, inspiring people to start playing an instrument and perhaps a bit of gardening – I have a ton of ideas.

I will also shoot some videos of the house and fixing it up. I have very little experience in creating a cutting videos, so there will be some learning to do here.

Finally I it looks like my plans can be made real

I have a small notebook where I write down my ideas, good quotes, recipes and whatever comes to mind. Five years ago I wrote about getting a small house with solar power and a wind turbine. Well the the wind turbine won’t happen anytime soon, but everything else I wrote will pretty much be spot on now.

I truly believe that writing things down helps you move forward towards the life you desire. Patience and hard work is of course still needed to make it come true. Ideas in your head tends to not go very far.

I have been planning for this whole move for years and can’t wait until it all falls into place. I will keep you all updated on the progress.

And don’t forget – have fun making music.