Here is my latest composition. I am still working in the realm of epic music and are having loads of fun doing this stuff. Epic music is very popular at the moment and I also see a potential in making a lot sales with epic tracks.  When watching trailers in the cinema epic music is very often used. What I try to do is to create tracks in a similar style. 

Epic Music – Time For Heroes

This time I went for theme that could be used to depict something heroic. I use a lot of brass in this piece and some big string ensembles.

Choirs also play a very important role in most epic music / trailer music, at least when it comes to Hollywood trailers. This epic track therefore makes use of a big choir in last section of the composition. This makes sure to it has a grand ending.

Want to read the score?

If your interested in seeing the score for this track you can view it right here. Thank goes to Kevin Riley for notating this track, I would never had got it done myself. If your looking for online sheet music make sure to visit Kevin’s site at

It’s now Time For Heroes.

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