I have now completed a new track. This time I tried to get that epic sound that are used in many Hollywood movie trailers. Took a while to get it right but I am quite pleased with the result. At least I think this composition can be called an epic score.

You can buy this epic royalty free score and use it for your own productions: Go to my trailer music portfolio.

Creating an epic score – more percussion please!

To get it to sound like an epic score I have used a large number of strings; violins, violas and double basses. Also a big part of trailer music is often the percussion. In this score the drums, an anvil and a steel plate play a significant role in the score. To give it more “epicnes”  those lovely french horns, some trumpets and a big choir also comes into play.

I have to work on my skills when it comes to creating percussion as I am relatively inexperienced in this area. To improve my skills I am now planing to create a new epic score where percussion plays a bigger part.

With this score I think I have take a step more in the right direction of creating trailer music, that is in the same category as Two Steps From Hell. At least that was the kind of sound I had in mind when creating this epic score.

If you need a longer version please let me know and I will make it as soon as possible 🙂

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