Yes, today I made my first sale. On February 2 my first royalty free tracks was available online and hereΒ  17 days later I made my first sale. $13.98 are now the balance in my account at pond5.

I only have 5 tracks online at pond5 at the moment and the track that was sold has been viewed only 6 times. I see it as a good sign that I was able to make a sale this fast.

One of the key elements in this game (as I see it) isΒ  to have a lot of material out there so the chances of someone finding your music is better. With only a few tracks online and no sales a person still found one of my tracks, liked it and hit the buy button.

Targeted users, number of views, quality music and good pricing equals sales

A part of my strategy is to get targeted users to listen to my music. I am not just interested in getting a lot of people to view my music. I want people to find what they are looking for. I Therefore try to optimize my titles and tags in the best possible way.Β  I think my music has a decent quality and if I can get the pricing right as well I am convinced more sales will come.

To be able to experiment with pricing I need to have a lot of sales. Right now my pricing is only based upon my competitors prices. They are therefore in same price range.Β  But in the future (if I get enough sales) I will definitely try to find that sweet spot between price and number of sales.

So what royalty free track made the first sale?

The track that was sold is the one I call A New Hope (kind of funny it has this title and made the first sale :-)). It is a track that has a corporate feeling to it but could also easily be used for other stuff. I made this track thinking that I could be used for a variety of things and maybe I was right. Only time and the number of sales will tell.

I am working at more tracks and some of them has been produced with the same mindset as “A New Hope”. With more music in production and a lot of related stuff going on I am even more convinced that I can make this project work.

Thank you for buying who ever you are πŸ™‚