What everybody want on YouTube is more views. In this article I will tell you how you can optimize your YouTube videos and get more views without to much effort. Learn how to choose the right titles, descriptions, file-names and tags for your videos.

So can I really get more YouTube views without doing very much?

Yes you can. Like Google, YouTube looks at a lot different things when it comes to ranking YouTube Videos in the search results. Thinking a little about the text you use for your video uploads can make a big difference in the number of views your videos will get in the long run.

First lets find a good keyword for your YouTube video

It all comes down to selecting some good keywords. By using the right words relating to your video you will get more views. You have to use words that people are actually typing in when they search for a video. So how do you get to know what people are searching for?

Google provides an excellent tool for this. Go to Google Keyword Tool and type in what you think people will be searching for, when looking for you video. After hitting search in the Keyword Tool it will give you some suggestions and show you how many searches there is for the keywords every month. Pretty cool!

Select a word that has a medium number of searches. That way there most likely wont be too much competition for the spots in the search results. You could also do a search in YouTube with the different keywords to see how much competition there is for a spot on page number one.

Name your video after the keyword you found

The first thing you should do, even before you upload is to give you file a good name. It might seem strange but YouTube actually looks at the filename as one of the ranking factors. So therefore name the video file with the keyword (or keyword sentence) you found above. For example, if I was creating a video for this blog post I would call it: “how-to-get-more-youtube-views.wmv”

Use your keyword in you title to get more views

When the video is uploaded make sure that your keyword (or keyword sentence) are part of the title of the Video. Using the same example as above I could call my video “How To Get YouTube Views – Optimizing YouTube Videos”

Use your keyword or closely related keywords in your description

You are probably getting the concept now, but in the text describing your YouTube video make sure that you mention your keyword (or keyword sentence) once or twice. Don’t over do it, but get it in there once or twice in when writing the text to describe you video.

Also use some closely related keywords or synonyms for your keyword. Like Google, YouTube is getting quite good at spotting keywords relations and is using them in it’s raking calculations.

Tag stealing, a great way to piggyback on other videos

A lot of views on YouTube videos comes from the related videos on the network. You know, when you have finish seeing a video a lot of related clips show up in the video field. On of the main things that YouTube looks at when finding the related videos, is the tags associated with a video.

So do a search on YouTube with keywords related to your video. Now go to the videos that get the most views and copy their tags and use them as tags for you own video. This way you are more likely to show up as a related video after people has watched on of the more popular clips. Again don’t over do it – don’t give your videos hundred of tags but get the relevant tags you need.

The easy way to get more views on YouTube

There you have it, a way to get more YuoTube views without to much effort. If you at the same time make excellent videos, are active and commenting on other peoples videos and channels – you will see those views going up even faster. Using the tricks described above and making “quantity and quality” your motto will get you a long way on YouTube.

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