Welcome to this website where you can learn all about selling royalty free music online. By reading this blog you can learn about marketing strategies, composing music, gear and much more.

Follow my progress as I try to make some money selling my music at royalty free music libraries. I also share income reports, which means you get all my sales data for free.

100 Percent Profit Selling Music

What is royalty free music?

Royalty free music are usually sold through a website like pond5. Here users can easily buy music for their own videos or other productions. Because the music is royalty free, they don’t have to pay royalties later on, and can use the music as they see fit.

This website is all about the seller / authors point of view. Have you ever considered selling your own compositions online? Then this website will be very helpful. Learn from my struggles, progress and share your own ūüôā

All of my experiences and stock music compositions will be posted on this site

I will keep this blog as transparent as possible and post all of my stock music and number of sales. The different stock sites I sign up to will be reviewed and my strategies for marketing my music will be discussed.

I am an affiliate marketer so my experience in online marketing will as mentioned, also be a big part of the content on this site.

“I love composing and playing music. The difference with this project is that I will be composing royalty free tracks with selling in mind. The way I see it, it’s the best from both worlds. I get to do what I have a passion for, make some money and people will use my music to improve their own productions”

Whats new at EagleCinematics?

I have recently bought a small house and within two months (1. december 2018) everything should be in place. One of the main reasons for buying a house is to be able to get a good studio set-up. This has been my plan for years and now it is finally happening!

This will make it much easier for me to compose music and as a result, new tracks will be uploaded to the royalty free music libraries. At the same time I’m planning to go all in on YouTube videos. These will be videos all about composing, jamming, selling music online, reviews, plugins and gear.

Hopefully you will all learn something useful, and have fun being a part of this little community. Thank you so much for visiting!