I thought I could help you out by creating a page with good links and resources. A page that can help you out in your quest of composing and selling royalty free music online. Do notice that some of these links are affiliate links, but I have in no way picked them based on the small amount of money I get, if you decide to buy.

I have experience with all of there products and only recommend them because they are useful and can help you out too.

Web Hosting & WordPress

HostGator: EagleCinematics and a lot of my other English websites are hosted at HostGator. They offer good support, have lots of features, fast servers and a low price point. They also offer one-click-installation of WordPress. I can warmly recommend HostGator.

WordPress: Is number one when it comes to making your own website. Perfect for beginners, free and lots of help to be found online.

Genesis Theme: One of the best WordPress themes out there. If you want a professional website Genesis from Studiopress is damn good. SEO friendly, elegant designs and great support. Genesis is what keeps EagleCinematics running and quite a few of my other websites.

123RF: When you look at the price compared to what you get 123RF is one of the best places to get stock photos for your website. I pretty much buy all of my photos for my many websites at 123RF.

Links To Other Stock Music Composers

StockMusicLicencing: Great site that has a lot information about selling royalty free music online. Pretty much answers all of your questions.

MusicLibraryReport: If you want to get a look at all of the music libraries out there, music library report is the way to go. Lots of debate going on about the music libraries and the industry in general. The only downside is that you have to pay a monthly fee if you want in on all the goodies Art’s website has to offer.

Software and Samples

Reaper: I use reaper for all my compositions and its excellent. I was a CuBase user before, but have not looked back since I switched to Reaper. You get a complete DAW for a price that beats anyone on the market.

SoundsOnline: Don’t get me started on the samples from EWQL – they are awesome! If you want to create film music and make it sound like it came out of Hollywood, Complete Composers Collection will give you all you need. Bought it myself and I will never regret it. The only downside is that you want to buy all of they stuff, which in the end can make you really poor ๐Ÿ˜‰

Bedroomproducersblog: If you are looking for some free synthesiser vst’s, but don’t know where to start BPB is the place to go. Great articles and lots of recommendations of good free vst plugins.

Computer Music Magazine: If want a lot of cool synth and effect plug-ins go ahead and buy a copy of Computer Music Magazine. Recently bought a copy myself and have already completed the first tracks using the plug-ins on the DVD that comes with the magazine. Quite a nice collection for the price and the magazine is a great read too.

SoundCloud: This is just a great place to upload and market your music. The interface makes it very easy to share and embed your music on your own or other sites. Also great place when it comes to getting inspiration for new music.

Random Ramblings

The War of Art: If you’re struggling with making a living of you music or just getting down to writing music, The War of Art might be the book for you. It was recommended to me by a user here on EagleCinematics and it has a lot of good pointers. Don’t be scared of by the alternative approach, this book really can help you out.

The New Psycho-Cybernetics: One of my favourite reads when it comes to self-help and reaching your goals. Setting goals should never be underestimated and The New Psycho-Cybernetics has much to offer for those willing to change.