In this article series you can learn how to create a niche website and use it to promote products online. So if your into affiliate marketing, looking to sell an e-book or anything else online, you will in time find an a-z guide on how to set everything up – right here on EagleCinematics.

My focus is on selling my royalty free music, but you can use these tactics to sell anything online. I’m already in the process of creating a new website to promote my music online. I have begun writing articles that will drive traffic from Google -> to my site – > and hopefully lead to sales. The purpose of the articles is to get highly targeted traffic from the search engines.

My site will be about anything related to royalty free music. The articles will answer questions like, how to find music for a podcast, where to buy good background music, how to get music for videos etc.

At first I will just be sending the traffic to the established stock music libraries, but when I get enough traffic I will start to promote or sell my own music directly on the site. To make this work I need a lot of music in many different genres, but by creating the site now I can start working on getting good search engine rankings.

It’s all a big experiment and I will be pushing the limits

The purpose of the niche website is to generate a lot of targeted traffic – Traffic that will in time will convert and lead to sales of my own music. I will be setting it all up on a new domain. This way I can push the limits when it comes to search engines optimization – without risking EagleCinematics being banned from the search results.

Raise the sails and get ready to attack!

There are a lot of things to do to make this work, but I have a clear plan of attack and it goes like this:

  1. Use MarketSamurai to find a good primary keyword. MarketSamurai is a very handy tool for finding niches where there is little competition for the top spots in Google. This is a really important part in making niche websites.Why compete against the big websites when you can just target less competitive keywords / niches. The primary keyword is what will be targeted on the homepage of the website.
  2. Choose a good domain name that contains my primary keyword. This will make the site more relevant in the search engines and give it better placements.
  3. Set-up a website on HostGator using WordPress as a platform. WordPress is good because it’s easy to use, there are many great plugins and it’s search engine friendly (just a few changes needed).
  4. Write highly keyword-targeted articles with affiliate links to the stock music libraries. Set the articles to publish themselves in WordPress using a 10-day interval.
  5. Sphinn every article I write and use the spun articles for getting backlinks. Google don’t like the same content being published on multiple website. One way to get around this is to spin the content. Sphinning will be explaing in details in later posts. To make my articles unique I will be using The Best Spinner.
  6. Make a lot of backlinks using MagicSubmitter. Backlinks are very important when it comes to search engine rakings. MagicSubmitter is an excellent tool for creating backlinks and it can do it almost on autopilot.
  7. Sit back, realax and reap the rewards 😉 Unfortunately I have to keep on writing new articles, sphinn them and set-up campains in MagiSubmitter. In time the site will hopefully more or less be able to sustain it’s position without having a constant need for new material.

I will of cause keep you all updated on my progress right here on the blog. The tactics I use can be utilized for any kind of website. This article series can therefore be of interest to anyone wanting to create a niche site and sell products online.