Today I got the keys to my very own house. I’m so stoked! Long overdue but finally I’m here. 88m2 (+18) living space with a 600m2 yard.

Now I just need to go to the DIY center and buy paint and and start painting. Kitchen and toilet are all good, no need to do anything here, besides painting.

There are old carpets all over, but underneath are som quite nice wooden floors. They just need to get overhuelad and I will a company to do this.

Right now there is so much to do but, I think have a good overall plan. I have three weeks before I have to be out of my apartment, so that leaves room for painting and so on before I go to work in the evening.

This is my grand master plan:

Week 1
Leaving the old carpets in and not having to care about spills
Clean every wall and sealing and make it ready for painting.
I might need to paper the walls in two of the rooms, but I hope I can just fix the existing wallpaper. I will need some glue for this.
Buy paint for the walls, ceilings, door frames and get it all painted in the first week. Living room and bedroom are however most important.
Test all of the home appliances.

Week 2
Remove all of the old carpets, and get them off the property.
Getting the floors done and get an electrician to make the electrical installations safe a legal. Fixing other stuff that might need an overhaul.

Week 3
Move all my stuff
Clean the kitchen cabinets.
Get most of my things out of boxes.
Then it’s on to installing lamps
Finally set up the studio and start making awesome music and videos :-D.

I will see if I can shoot some video while doing all of this work, but making video is a lot of work, so no guarantees.

If everything is going according to plan, I will get my Yamaha b2 delivered in week 4, else it will have to wait a bit. It’s gonna be totally awesome, no matter what. I can’t wait to show you all, start composing some new music and shoot some YouTube videos.

This is gonna be the house of music!