So the time has come for another income report. First of I would like to say thank you to all of you who are posting your results here on EagleCinematics.

It’s the only place I know of  where this is happening so openly. It’s really awesome as it gives us all an idea on where to upload and sell our music.

The results

I now have a total of 18 tracks on-line. Here are my total sales since I started composing and selling stock music in February 2012:

Pond5 has sold 8 tracks – $140
Revostock has sold 14 tracks – $211
Productiontrax has sold 10 tracks – $305
Affiliate earnings from the music libraries – $98

In total $754 in sales

So whats happened the last 6 months?

First of you probably noticed the new design on EagleCinematics. I thought is was time to bring the site into the new millennium and this is the result. I’m quite happy with it and are working on getting the last details sorted out.

After the “re-launch” I have set my mind to writing new articles at a more regular basis . This should make it worth you’re time to visit EagleCinematics more often.

Right now I’m really fired up about the whole music thing and this will be reflected here on the site and hopefully in the sales. The following month all my time will be spent on stuff  that has to do with royalty free music.

Affiliate websites VS royalty free music

Again most of my time these last 6 months have been spend on my affiliate websites. It’s totally unrelated to royalty free music, but thought I would share these results anyway.

This month my affiliate earnings  will be be landing above the $2500 mark. I am also in the process of recreating one of my most successful sites (running on my own CMS) in WordPress. This takes a lot of time as all of the ~130 articles has to be re-written. Getting the new site up with good pictures and so on also takes up some time.

The downside to this is that the royalty free music did not get as much focus as I would have liked. I’m still on track to make 50 pieces of high quality stock music within the end of the year, but my original goal of a 100 sure would have felt better.

Given that the next month will be spend on promoting and creating royalty free music I will also be uploading my music to new libraries.  Including Themusicase, LuckStuck and Zukkio.

Affiliate vs. royalty free music is an ongoing battle at my place, but for the next moth royalty free music will win in work-time spent – thats for sure.

…by the way “The War of Art” by Steven Pressfield was a pretty good kick in the bud thanks for recommending it in the comments Ken 🙂

I wish you all the best in your selling your stock music

Given that most of you commenting are making more than me (flushing) please keep posting your results here on the site. One day I’m sure I will be king of the sales stats 😉 but I need more tracks for start.

On that note I’m off now to compose some new high quality corporate tracks to boost my sales and writing some good articles for EagleCinematics.