I have not tried to see if I can get my music listed at Musicloops, but will definitely do so. They require a minimum of  50 tracks before they will consider you as an composer for their site. So I got a long way before I can sign-up.

PartnersInRhyme.com is where we sell collections of royalty free music. If your music sells well on musicloops.com we will ask you to submit material for a collection.

Musicloops wont list if you’re represented at the followring sites:  Audiosparx (you would need to confirm that your music is not part of their ad revenue scheme), Audiomicro, Rumblefish, Crucial music, Magnatunes, IODA, Orchard, Music, CD Baby

They are also very strict when it comes to selecting composers so your music has to be of a high quality, but overall submitting should definitely be worth your time.  A lot of composers one the site seems to do very well in terms of sales.

Reviews Submissions Yes
Re-Titles Tracks ?
Exclusive or Non-exclusive Non-exclusive
Set Own Price Yes
Commission Split 50%
Tracks Approved In ?
  • Ease of Use
  • Help & Support
  • Income potential / ability to sell


Seems like a great library, but my review is only based on information from other composers. When I get 50 tracks I will make sure to get listed at Musicloops.

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