This is a list of the best music production libraries. It’s made from the point of view of a music producer, but can just as well be used for finding the best places to buy royalty free stock music.

To make it onto this list the music library has to have an easy to use website, good customer support and give you the right tools to easily sell your music. New libraries are regularly being added.

My favorite production music libraries

This top 3 is based on my own experiences as a music producer. If a site has good terms, preferably let’s me set prices, offers a good commission and can sell my music – it has a good chance of making it onto my personal top 3 of production music libraries.

At the moment my favorite libraries are Pond5, Audiojungle and Melodyloops

The Complete Music Library List

Below you find a list of all the music libraries listed here at EagleCinematics. I do my best only to add good libraries, my intention is not to make a complete list of every library out there.

You can read more about each library by clicking on its name – you can also post comments under each library.

Help build the music library list

It’s now possible for you to rate the music libraries on the list. By doing so you can help making this a great resource and benefit yourself, from other peoples ratings.

A lot of time (too much in fact) went into making this list, so please help out and post your own experiences under each library

You’re also more than welcome to leave a comment below, if you think a good library is not represented on the list.

Libraries where my music is listed (04.04.2022)

I have my music listed at the following music libraries. Some have not made any sales yet, but most of them I have recently added my music to. Not all of them have all of my tracks listed, as I’m testing to see if they can sell my music.

  • Pond5 (all tracks online) 80+ sales
  • (16 tracks online) 3 sales
  • (20 tracks online) 1 sale
  • (20 tracks online)
  • (20 tracks online)
  • (1 track online)
  • (20 tracks online) | My account is gone for some reason
  • Productiontrax (all tracks online) 10+ sales |closed
  • Yookamusic,com (20 tracks online) |closed
  • (20 tracks online) |closed
  • Revostock (all tracks online) 20+ sales |closed
  • (20 tracks online |closed
  • (10 tracks online) |closed
  • (3 tracks online)|closed

Libraries where I would like to have my music listed

Below are other libraries that I’m looking into at the moment, but are not listed at yet. Some of them I’m waiting to get approved for, others are looking for music I don’t have in my portfolio.

  • (Temporarily not accepting new submissions)
  • (I never seem to get an answer from them)
  • (never got back to me)
  • (waiting for an answer since 05.04.2022)
  • (never got back to me)
  • (I was not accepted and have no idea what kind of music they want)
  • (not accepted)
  • (a minimum of 50 tracks to be considered)
  • (a minimum of 30 tracks to be considered)
  • (waiting for an answer since 08-26-2013)
  • (waiting for an answer since 08-26-2013)
  • (waiting for an answer since 10-25-2013)
  • (not accepting submissions at the moment 25-10-2013)
  •  (you have to mail them your tracks on CD’s! Not sure I will spend time on this, commission also rather low) |closed
  • (currently looking for quirky/fun music and corporate music) |closed
  • (wating for an answer since 30-11-2014) |closed

Other libraries mentioned in the user comments

These are libraries that I have had no experience with myself and have not researched online. The libraries below have mostly been mentioned in the user comments. They might be added to the list, but not before more information from users, or other sources are available.

  • (might sign up here)
  • (only sign-up via snail mail)
  • (low pricing)
  • (low pricing)
  • (mostly for bands)
  • closed
  • (might sign up here) |closed
  • (some libraries wont list you if you represented here)|closed
  • (low pricing)|closed