Complete Composers Collection 2Complete Composers Collection 2 is now out on the street and just as with the first box this is truly a great deal.

I bought the first Complete Composers Collection and have been very happy with. So happy that I infact bought Hollywood Strings and Hollywood Brass a while ago. I am very impressed with these new samples from East West Quantum Leap (EWQL), it all sounds truly amazing.

You must use professional samples if you want to sell your music

Today there are much great stock music to be found online. If you want to compete with those who sell the most you need to use professional samples.

If you make orchestral music one of the places where you get most for you money is the samples from EWQL. Especially their Complete Composers Collections are a great place to start. Today you simply cant compete with free or cheap sounding samples.

Should I get Complete Composers Collection 1 or 2?

The only advantage I see from buying Complete Composers Collection 1 is that you get Symphonic Orchestra Gold. In this sample box you get every instrument in the orchestra including percussion and even a 2GB piano.

In Complete Composers Collection 2 you can however select samples packs from the Hollywood series which offer much higher quality samples and many more articulations. Especially the legato patches sound amazing.

Play that Brass

I often find myself just playing around with the legato patches in Hollywood Brass. They simply sound amazing and with a good food controller or the mod wheel you can create very realistic sounding brass.

There is a big difference from the brass patches in Symphonic Orchestra Gold and to the ones you find in Hollywood Brass. You also get a ton of extra articulations.

Hollywood Strings

Since I got Hollywood Strings I never use the string sections from Symphonic Orchestra Gold. The new samples from Hollywood Strings simply sounds much better, can be more expressive and has a great new reverb. I do however still use the percussion section fra Symphonic Orchestra Gold as there are lots of great stuff not to be found in the Hollywood series yet.

Pick your own sample packs with Complete Composers Collection 2

You choose form a large range of samples what to include in Complete Composers Collection 2. Event though I already have many of the samples packs from EWQL I am still considering going for another round of Complete Composers Collection.

This way I can get my hands on The Darks Side, Gypsy, Silk and other samples packs. The samples from East West Quantum Leap are simply that good.

But watch out if you choose to buy Complete Composers Collection 2, you might end up getting addicted to samples from East West Quantum Leap.

You can buy Complete Composers Collection 2 at Soundsonline, listen to  music made with the samples and choose what packs you want to include.