Today I got approved as a producer at It took about 14 days for them to review my sample tracks but after contacting them i got approved within a day. I have now uploaded my first stock music tracks and here are my first impressions with Revostock.

Waiting for the email… producer account approved

I signed up with Revostock at the same time as Pond5. Pond5 was very fast and it only took a couple of days before I was accepted as a producer. With Revostock i waited 14 days. I then sent them a message though their online help desk asking them if everything was as it should be.

Within a few hours they answered me back telling me that they had a large amount of new producers submitting right now but they would soon take a look at my samples.ย  A few more hours went by and I got an email telling me that I had been approved as a producer with ๐Ÿ™‚

Uploading the first stock music tracks

The uploading, naming and tagging of tracks is quite straight forward. It takes a little more time than on pond5 but overall they site is very easy to navigate and use. I am now waiting for my first tracks to get approved and have in the meantime filled out my user profile.

The tagging of tracks in general do take some time

Before I upload my compositions I do a quick search with Google’s keyword tool. I then place keywords that have a decent amount of searches in my track titles, in the descriptions and in the tags. It does take some extra time to do this but in the long run I am convinced it will pay back.

Only time will tell which media stock site willย  make the first sale but I did get one request for an old Pirate Theme of mine, this track is now also available on – fingers crossed ๐Ÿ˜‰

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