RevoStock was unfortunately sued, and forced to close down. RevoStock is therefore no longer active

RevoStock was one of the first music libraries I signed up to and I’m glad I did. It’s easy to upload and tag, sales are coming regularly and their support is good. 

Overall the experience is very positive. Even the site on the user end looks and feels good.

They recently upped the maximum price you can set, which is pretty cool if you want to upload premium tracks to their service. You can set track pricing yourself.

So whats bad about RevoStock?

The only bad think I have to say about RevoStock is that i takes 10-30 days before you tracks get approved. If your are uploading new tracks on a regular basis (as you should) this however does not matter. Also sometimes their FTP servers for uploading can be very slow and unstable. I give RevoStock an overall rating of 4.2 our of 5.
Reviews Submissions Yes
Re-Titles Tracks No
Exclusive or Non-exclusive Non-exclusive
Set Own Price Yes
Commission Split 50%
Tracks Approved In 10-15 days