In this post I will take a look at my earnings so far. As you probably know I am trying to make an extra income by selling royalty free music online and having fun composing at the same time.

I have only had time to upload and tag my music at the three sites below, but I am now uploading to more stock music libraries. These earnings are based on 8 tracks from February, Marts and April. Here are my results so far when it comes to selling music online:

Pond5 has sold 3 tracks – $51
RevoStock has sold 4 tracks – $61
Productiontrax has sold 2 tracks – $68
In total $180 in sales

Making good money selling royalty free music is indeed possible

So far it looks really good when it comes to selling mroyalty free music online. Maybe $180 doesn’t seem much over a period of four months, but I have hardly done anything since February. Also the 8 tracks have not been online with RevoStock and ProductionTrax the whole time.

Let’s just say that I have had 16 good tracks online instead. That makes $360 over a period of four months. If I then had uploaded my tracks to 9 good music libraries, it would already have been a total of $1080.

I figure if I compose 100 short tracks, upload them to the 15-20 best stock music libraries and continue to promote my music like I have done until now – I would be making $3000-$4000 a month. I know it’s a very small amount of sales I have used to calculate these numbers, but there are a lot of other positive factors I have not taken into consideration.

For example returning customers, the new website I am building to promote my music, experimenting with pricing, the MySpace page I will be making, the FaceBook page soon to be and so on. Also having more tracks online will probably make some buyers check out other good tracks in the same portfolio – which can lead to sales.

So why don’t I spend my time doing nothing but composing and uploading music?

I have not had much time these last months to compose new tracks and therefore only have a total of 8 tracks online.  The reason for hardly spending any time on composing and promoting my music is that I lost my daytime job.

I have therefore used most of my time trying to promote my affiliate sites, which I hope will make money faster than selling royalty free music. But given the numbers above I might have to reconsider my strategy…