I have now signed up with pond5.com and here are my first thoughts. I am very impressed with pond5.com – right from the start. The sign-up process was easy and my three tracks got reviewed and accepted in one day!

Who is pond5.com and how can they help me?

Pond5.com is an upcoming online media stock site that has been around since 2006. They have a very good reputation and their site is becoming more and more popular. Both buyers and the sellers of stock media seem quite fond of pond5.com.

After having spend some time on their site I can only agree. It seems like a great market place and their site is very easy to navigate. As a producer of stock media they give you a 50% commission on every sale. Very easy to understand and the commission is higher than most stock sites gives you as a nonexclusive contributor.

Another thing I like about pond5 is that they let you do your own pricing.  This gives you the possibility to experiment with pricing on the fly, great for maximizing the earnings potential.

Ready to sell music online – Signing up and  uploading my original royalty free tracks

The sign-up process went very smooth and the uploading of tracks was like a walk in the park. It only took pond5 1 day to clear my tracks and they are now on sale in the marketplace at pond5.com. So far my royalty free stock music portfolio only consist of  3 tracks but only having worked at this project for 5 days I’m quite happy about it 🙂

Pond5.com was one of was one of the media stock sites I had the highest hopes for. So far pond5 lives up to my expectations. Signing up with pond5 was not a good idea, it was a great idea!

Now I just need to do a bunch of promoting, make a ton of high quality tracks and get that first sale. Next on my list is signing up with revostock.com, uploading my 3 original tracks and getting approved.

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