This website is all about composing music and selling it online. I love composing music and was doing it just for fun. But one day I thought, why not try to sell my music online and make a few dollars?

I therefore created as a way of keeping track and sharing all of my music and online marketing ideas with you. Right now this site may not seem as much but a am working on a lot of different stuff.  With time this website will become a resource for all of you, who have thought of selling stock media online and making some extra dollars.

You can buy my royalty free music from my growing stock music portfolio at pond5.

How do you sell stock media online?

A lot of websites offer to sell your stock media for you. You upload your music, video or photos and the user base the sites have will buy your stock media. This is however easier said than done. There is a lot of competition from other stock media producers and it is therefore very hard to get seen and heard – thats what this website is all about.

How to get noticed among many thousands competing clips

My strategy is not to upload my music to as many stock media sites as possible and hope for the best. I will be using a lot of other techniques to get ahead of my competitors. I will be using my skills as an affiliate marketer and promote my tracks using YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, SoundCloud, search engine optimization and much more…

All of my success and failures will be posted here on and hopefully they can help you out in some way. On a long term basis I might even start my own little web-shop to sell my tracks. But for now every sale I make are thought the established stock media sites.

Ready, Set, Go!

I have done my initial research. Now  it’s all about composing great stock music, learning more about online marketing and making lots of sales. Everything I do and all of my results will be posted here on EagleCinematics – you can also follow me on twitter or (soon) interact with me on Facebook.

Thanks for visiting!
Anders Christensen