So its been a long time since I have put any effort into my royalty free music project, but I finally got started! 

I have composed 5 new tracks and are have begun uploading to various libraries. A lot has changed since my last commitment to making money selling royalty free music, so it has taken some time to get an overview of which libraries are now closed.

As of today i have some of my music listed at the following libraries:

  • (maybe it’s dead – search is not working on the site)
  • (can’t upload tracks and no response from support)

I terms of sales not much has happened while i have been inactive, but there are sales here and there. Especially Pond5 has proven itself again.

Without doing anything since 2015 i have made $1176 on Pond5 alone. That’s with 37 tracks online and zero work done – no new music, blog posts, videos or anything else. Pretty nice if you ask me. 

Revostock and ProductionTrax where selling pretty good for me, but are now closed. It all good though as a lot of new libraries are looking promising. Some of the libraries I’m looking at are:

  • (I have submitted tracks, but they never seem to be reviewed)
  • (waiting for an answer since 24.04.2022)
  • (can’t connect via ftp to upload tracks)
  • (waiting for an answer since 05.04.2022)
  • (contributor site is written in Chinese?)
  • Envato Elements (Invite only)

Subscription libraries seems to be the new thing. I will start uploading to them as well,  if I get accepted 🙂

New royalty free compositions

I have also composed new tracks and are now in the process of uploading. I will try and make new tracks every week – some of them will therefore be rather simple tracks. Then I just have to wait and see if I will get any sales.