soundcloudIf you’re not on SoundCloud yet get going – It’s a great place to promote your music. Their platform works beautifully and the easy integration with your own website(s) makes it both fun and rewarding to participate.

SoundCloud is free

Now you might be thinking you have to pay for SoundCloud by you can upload 2 hours worth of music before you have pay. If you have a big portfolio 2 hours of your best stuff will definitely make a good selling point.

When I run out of space / playtime I will probably end up paying for their service. Right now I really think its the best place on the Internet when it comes to promoting and listening to new music.

Embed SoundCloud On Your Own Site

When you have uploaded your music to SoundCloud its very easy to embed it into your own website. You just have to copy the short code you find by clicking the “share” button on your track or set.

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You can now even integrate the SoundCloud player in the top or bottom of your site with the WordPress Stratus plugin.  The downside to the deal is that you cant easily make Stratus play across pages. So every time you click on a link the track playing will stop.

You can somewhat get around this but installing the WordPress plug-in Advanced AJAX Page Loader, but then your recent comment links wont be working 100%. The Advanced AJAX Page Loader also adds a lot of extra code which I’m never fond of.

You can learn more about the Status player on SoundCloud.

If you have your own web-shop you should get a player specifically for the shop as you never should send people to other websites – in this case  SoundCloud.

Royalty Free Music Groups On SoundCloud

Another great thing about SoundCloud are the groups. Here you can post your own tracks at get more exposure to your music and name. Another side bonus is that people will comment on the good tracks. It’s always nice to know what other people think or your music.

Some of the groups have quite a following and the more who know of your music the better the chances of making sales. Some of the music libraries like Pond5 and AudioJungle are lets you share your music in their groups.

You can find a selection of the many royalty free music groups by doing a quick search on SoundCloud

SoundCloud on my mind

I could go on forever about the many great things about SoundCloud, but just go and create an account. You wont regret it, I guarantee you that.

If you already have a SoundCloud profile are you using it the best possible way?

  • Remember to share your music in the royalty free groups
  • Commenting on other people tracks can make them listen to yours as well
  • If you follow someone who makes the same kind of music as you they will often follow you back.

I should do much more of these things myself. If fact you probably rule SoundCloud compared to me. Please post your own experiences with SoundCloud. How do you use SoundCloud and do you think it’s worth your time?