Youlicense has been closed and are no longer active

It’s very hard to info about YouLicense in blog and forums, so whether it’s a good place to be represented is hard to tell.

I have signed up with them, but their uploading and tagging system is so terrible that I have given up on uploading my royalty free music for now.

If you want to upload more than 10 Songs you also have to pay a minimum of $29.95 for 6 months!  This just seems really strange to me, its the only library where I have seen this practice.

If you have had any descent sales with YouLicense, please post it in the comments below.

Update Marts 2015: it seems that YouLicence is dead. No one can get in contact with them…
Reviews Submissions Yes
Re-Titles Tracks No
Exclusive or Non-exclusive Non-exclusive
Set Own Price No
Commission Split ?
Tracks Approved In ?